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Surrogacy in USA

Surrogacy in USA depends on the respective state laws and legal framework and this is where International couples are requested to research and read through every aspect of surrogacy in USA, well in advance

Surrogacy in USA

Surrogacy in USA is mainly subjected to the respective legislation and surrogacy laws of various states in the country. This is where specific guidelines have been put into place to regulate the surrogacy programs and plans within these states. Moreover, in total 19 states have various laws and a guideline in regarding to commercial surrogacy and every couple who is looking to pursue a surrogacy program needs to abide by the same.

Speaking of states that allow Surrogacy, names like California, Nevada, Oregon, Minnesota, and Connecticut are well- renowned for their highly advanced medical facilities and surrogacy programs. Moreover, the highly supportive laws for the commercial surrogacy programs within these states have further made USA as a major surrogacy hub for most of the International couples.

USA States that are Surrogacy Friendly

  • California (Most favorable surrogacy state as the many courts there supports the surrogacy agreements and pre-birth orders)
  • Connecticut (Supports pre-birth orders but not much friendly with surrogacy arrangements)
  • Delaware (Supports both the pre-birth orders and surrogacy arrangements)
  • District of Columbia (As of 2017, commercial surrogacy is upheld by the statute)
  • Maine (Few Restrictions on Surrogacy arrangements but pre birth orders are well supported by the statute)
  • New Hemisphere (Pre-Birth orders and Surrogacy both are supported by the state)
  • Nevada (Very Favourable, supports all the services here)
  • Rhode Island (No such laws exist and courts are also supporting the services along side)
  • Vermont (Absence of any governing authority to state surrogacy law so they are free to opt any surrogacy service here)
  • Washington (Commercial Surrogacy treated as an offense but altruistic surrogacy is allowed in the state)

Is Surrogacy Legal in USA ?

If we look through to the list of all the states apart from the above-mentioned list,  as many as 10 of them authorizes Altruistic surrogacy and got legal guidelines in place to support and assist the International parents with all the required medical and legal support and assistance. Most of these legal guidelines here effectively support the smooth and easy transfer of the custody of the child after the birth, in compliance with the existing federal laws of the respective state.

On the other side, the laws related to surrogacy for International parents are highly supportive and each of the children born here getting born here stays directly eligible for the US passport after its birth, irrespective of the Intended parent’s citizenship.

Surrogacy cost in USA

The cost for Surrogacy in USA stays a bit on the higher side but it still coincides well with the high quality medical services of the country in the same context for all the International parents. If we keep aside all the additional costs and expenses related to diagnosis and treatments, a basic surrogacy program would cost you anywhere between $100,000 and $150,000. Moreover, the same cost varies with every given state and each of the states comes over with their own specific programs and laws related to the surrogacy arrangements and programs within their territories.

Why opting for Surrogacy in USA is highly recommended?

  • USA fertility clinics have been rated as the best worldwide along with its highly trained medical staff
  • Local surrogates in the country have been deemed as a product of the best medical system across the globe
  • The country ranks at 92 and 48 in low birth weight deliveries and infant mortality rate around as per WHO and this confirms about the quality of baby care and medical techniques used here.
  • Around 85% of total embryo transfers with egg donors here results in pregnancy
  • Pregnancy rates of most of the fertility clinics is quite excellent here
  • Fertility clinics have to report to government authorities in regards to the total embryo transfers and results of the IVF cycles.

Surrogacy in USA is highly preferred due to a well structured legal process

As mentioned earlier, surrogacy in USA is been administered by the state laws, and  not federal ones. This further means that despite of a centralized legal framework, surrogacy in USA is highly dependant on the legal framework at the state level. Therefore, you will be privelaged with plenty of options in U.S. where an international surrogacy program is been pursue while keeping the rights of the Intended parents in priority.

Surrogacy is well supported in many parts of the U.S. and, once you get along with an American surrogacy agency, our professional team of legal experts will make you matched with a surrogate coming from a surrogacy-friendly state , before getting ahead with the plan. Now this is where you, being an intended parent can:
  • Create a surrogacy contract of rights and responsibilities while keeping your interests intact
  • institute your parental rights well before the birth of the child via surrogacy
  • ensure that the surrogate mother is getting all the required care and monetary support during her surrogacy journey
  • Stay privileged of getting all the desired support and assistance for their surrogacy program, that is not available in any other country.

Moreover, if you are an international LGBT couple, you must remember that  United States recognizes gay marriage and this means that you(being a gay couple) are already been listed as the legal parent of the child, even before its birth. In US, you would find a number of surrogate mothers that are highly excited to get on board with LGBT couples from all countries and you would also not face any issue with the egg and sperm donation process too.

How Become mother can help you with best surrogacy programs in USA?

At Become mother, we have proved our prowess as the most trusted and ethical IVF and Surrogacy consultants around with more than 20 years of experience at our back. Besides offering the best surrogacy programs for USA, we have ensured our outreach to countries like India, UK, Dubai, Thailand, Mexico, Kenya, and Cambodia.

We have further tied up with some of the best IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies in USA to provide you with the most qualitative support and assistance during the process. Contact one of our customer support team members in order to get the free initial consultation in the same regards.

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