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Surrogacy in UkraineSurrogacy in Ukraine has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for all the International parents due to its location and highly advanced medical system

Infertility has dented the lives of thousands of couples across the globe up until now and we can certainly blame the corrupt eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles for the same. Now when we talk about the reasons, we must also mention the solutions in the same regards.

Surrogacy is certainly that long-awaited solution that has helped numerous couples around the world in the quest of their child seeking dreams. Not only these couples can now realize their parenthood dreams, but they can also have the privilege of seeing their own biological child that was otherwise not possible with certain infertility treatments.

Speaking of Surrogacy, Ukraine has come up as that one country which has made its place as the most famous surrogacy destination amongst all the International parents. 

Some of the biggest reasons to opt for Surrogacy in Ukraine

  • As the country is located in Europe, the intended parents are facilitated with the privilege of state of the art European standard medical facility. The surrogate mother here comes over with a healthy lifestyle and a better standard of living in comparison to other countries in Asia and Africa. Surrogate mothers also come with a strong and proven family background with higher morals and ethics.
  • The medical support and facilities in these IVF Clinics is of world-class and more than advanced to screen and diagnose the egg donor and surrogate mother via genetic testing.
  • PGS/PGD is also permitted in the country and you can also confirm about the gender of the baby.
  • Legislation and guidelines regarding surrogacy are subject to the Family Code of Ukraine of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • Ukraine has supported surrogacy for all the heterosexual couples from the local and international communities.
  • As per Ukraine surrogacy laws, the intended parents would be listed as the legal parents of the born child before the birth and the surrogate mother doesn’t carry any right on the child during the process. The name of the both legal parents would further be commissioned in the Ukrainian birth certificate.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Ukraine?

Ukraine can certainly claim to be one of those countries that got the most supportive environment and legal framework to facilitate various surrogacy programs. Besides this, the country is home to some of the best medical services and professionals around the world. Still, it allows only heterosexual couples to pursue commercial surrogacy within its territories.

At Become mother, we have tied up with some of the best surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics in Ukraine with the core motive of bringing the smoothest and hassle-free surrogacy programs for all our international clients around the world. Moreover, as the Ukrainian law facilitates the intended parents to secure every right on the born child even before the commencement of the arrangement, the whole process gets much easier for every intended parent who is looking to seek their parenthood dreams in the country.

Ukraine currently stands as one of the only countries around the world that permit commercial surrogacy without putting many complications forward for all the surrogacy agencies around. This is where our job as a surrogacy agency becomes much easier and we can bring you the most ethical and affordable surrogacy plans and programs.

What are the legal requirements for Ukraine Surrogate Mother?

  • Be within a specified age range, above 21 and below 45, but some agencies requires different with older or younger surrogate.
  • Have a healthy body mass index of 30 or less
  • Shouldn’t consume drug or smoke
  • No government assistance
  • Had successfully produced baby earlier at least once and maxim five, not more than that.
  • Currently raising child in her home
  • Holds no major complications from previous pregnancies
  • Have no felony convictions
  • Have no severe depressions in her life
  • Be available for all the required treatments and appointments for next 12 months
  • Shouldn’t been into any tattoo or piercing activity in last 12 months

How much surrogacy cost in Ukraine?

If you are an international parent and looking for the best surrogacy program in Ukraine,  that will cost you in between $30,000 and $45,000, in which around $10,000 to $15,000 would be going to the surrogate mother. The Same cost, however, is slightly lower for the local parents there.

Why you must choose Become’s mother for surrogacy in Ukraine?

At Become mother, we are backed by more than 20 years of providing the most ethical and affordable surrogacy plans in partnership with some of the best surrogacy agencies in Ukraine. While we take pride in been known as the pioneers of the Surrogacy world, we always ensure providing the best support and assistance to all of them in the process.

A Surrogacy plan for everyone! 

Your financial status won’t act as a barrier to your parenthood dreams as here we have a customized surrogacy plan for everyone, rightly suited to their budget limitations.

Living by our every step!

We always got your back during every step of your surrogacy journey and you can stay assured of getting all the right support and consultation during the process. While we understand that the surrogacy process brings a lot of anxiety and stress in your life, our best team of medical and legal professional experts would surely make the same a bit easier for you.

Bringing the best for you!

You need not worry about the overall cost and quality of medical services that your will be getting during the surrogacy period as we have tied up with some of the best IVF clinics and medical specialists to get that sorted with great excellence

Protection among all the legal considerations

Providing you with all the legal steps and considering is our job. You need not to worry about your rights on baby, required documents or any paper work required during and after the process. We assure our customers their safety with all our methods and actions and have proven that too in our span of 20 years in surrogacy industry.

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