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Best Surrogacy in IndiaSurrogacy in India is currently banned for all the International couples and severe restrictions are in place for even the local citizens here. The legislation quotes that only local heterosexual couples that are been married for more than 5 years can pursue surrogacy in India. Hence, if you are an International couple, you may have to look forward to other surrogacy destinations around the world.

Best alternative destinations to Surrogacy in India


If we talk about surrogacy in Australia, only Altruistic (commercial surrogacy) is allowed within the legal territories of the country and the Intended parents are not permitted to put any kind of advertisement or notification in news or media with respect to the search regarding the surrogate mother. On the other side, various surrogacy related processes like surrogate matching and eggs and sperms donation are prohibited within the country. Still, there are few states which permit only the local couples to seek surrogacy arrangement within their geographical territories. Moreover, You may need to pay an amount in between $15,000 and $100,000 for surrogacy in Australia.


Canada comes over with its own reputation of being known as the country with the highest happiness index amongst the rest of the countries across the globe. Now, this is where it is attracting thousands of couples around the world every year around and we can witness most of them opting for Surrogacy in Canada. Moreover, only Commercial surrogacy is allowed for all the International couples in the country and Surrogacy in Canada will cost you in between $85,000 CAD and $90,000 CAD.


Kenya can surely be quoted as a country where most ethical and affordable surrogacy options are available for International couples around the world. Even though the country doesn’t have a legal framework for surrogacy in Kenya, every couple, irrespective of their sexual orientation can pursue the surrogacy program in the country while following the social and moral standards of the Kenyan society. Although same-sex parenting or gay surrogacy is often been considered anti-social in the Kenyan society, the couples coming here need not worry about it to that extent. All they need to do is just stay a bit careful while not unveiling about their sexual orientation at public places. On the other side, the medical facilities in the country are on par with the rest of the world so the couples can simply stay unworried about any issues during their surrogacy journey. Moreover, Surrogacy in Kenya may cost you in between $35,000 to $ 40,000.


Surrogacy in Ukraine is only allowed for heterosexual couples in the country, whether it is the local citizens or the International couple. Moreover, the medical facilities and support in the country are quite good and the overall expense for you may have to shell out $30,000 to  $45,000 for cost of surrogacy in Ukraine. Well, this is the reason why most of the International couples choose to come to Ukraine to seek the bets surrogacy program for them.


Surrogacy in Georgia has been in regulations since 1997 and Georgia is out of many few countries that allows surrogacy in a country. This has made Georgia among the best alternative option for many countries to go for surrogacy. As being a global surrogacy centre it provides you with suitable medical facilities with no restrictions at all. Slowly Georgia has becoming a favorite surrogacy hub for couples. Low Cost Surrogacy in Georgia attracts many couples to opt for the location for their services.

Surrogacy Cost in India

Surrogacy cost for locals in India for typical IVF, egg donor or surrogacy in a reputed IVF agency will be around 12,000,000 to 15,000,000 INR. So the total cost of surrogacy in India varies according to the agency of go for, type of surrogacy you opt for and the services you choose to add into your surrogacy plan.

In India the Surrogacy cost also varies depending upon the city whether it is metro city or non-metro. Metro Cities usually have high Surrogacy cost compare to non-metro cities. Cost in metro cities are high as the clinics there have handled more cases and have huge experience in encountering more cases which gives them the priority of getting select for the best surrogacy options with high success rate.

There also a fact that the IVF agencies who are offering surrogacy cost at lower price has more hidden miscellaneous expenses which indirectly get you to the cost others are charging. So why to pay same and still get less experienced IVF agency, that is why make sure to check the terms and other extra charges at start only, might be possible that you get the service in low price with quality service in actual.

Advantages of Surrogacy in India with “Become Mother”
  • Quality Service
  • High Success Rate
  • Best in class medical facilities
  • Safe and Secured Surrogacy Services
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  • Protection among all the legal considering required for surrogacy process
  • Competitive and transparent surrogacy pricing
  • Independency and flexibility among decisions
  • Varieties of IVF services and solutions in every situation
We pledge our customers to derive them the utmost benefits with our services at one place. We take care of all the needs our clients could possibly face and pre-prepared for all the incomings to not our clients get harmed in any situation.

Why you must opt for Become mother for all your surrogacy aspirations?

At Become mother, we are a 20-year-old IVF and Surrogacy consulting firm that has helped more than a thousand couples across the globe in the pursuance of their parenthood dreams. No matter if you are looking for the best surrogacy program in India or some other country, we have tied up with some of the best IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies there to help you with the best facilities.

Just give us a call or simply leave your details in the given form and one of our customer support team members will get in touch with you. Happy parenting!

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